Profile of the advisor

Prof. dr. Inga Kamp is a full professor for star and planet formation and astrochemistry at the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute of the University of Groningen. She supervised/mentored in the past years five postdocs, of which three now hold permanent positions in research/academia. She has also extensive experience in supervising PhD, MSc and BSc students. Her group has regular bi-weekly group meetings in which recent research progress is presented and discussed in an open and informal setting.


Astrochemistry, planet and moon formation, planet forming disk structure and evolution.

Profile of the research group

Inga Kamp’s research group comprises currently one postdoc, two PhD students (one starting in fall), three MSc students and two BSc students. The research is centered around the physical and chemical processes in the planet forming disks, planet and moon formation and the link to the Solar System. The group has built a strong expertise in applying complex radiation thermo-chemical 2D disk models in the interpretation of a wide range of observations (Spitzer, Herschel, CRIRES, VISIR, ALMA) and is now pushing this into the ALMA 3D era. Inga Kamp is also involved in the development of new instrumentation/facilities such as JWST/MIRI, E-ELT/METIS which will provide over the next decade exciting new data on the inner regions of planet forming disks where terrestrial planets are forming.