oLife Annual Meeting 2022

2–4 November 2022
Groningen, Netherlands

oLife is a programme co-funded under the EU Horizon 2020 Framework which supports 18 postdoctoral fellows working on “Origin of Life” research in the Netherlands. This 2.5 day Annual Meeting will be the final one for the cohort of oLife fellows. The conference will feature 25 short talks from early career researchers – including all the oLife fellows as well as selected contributed talks – and 5 plenary talks by world renowned invited speakers.

This conference will provide a forum to discuss topical origins-of-life research spanning astronomy, prebiotic chemistry to modern synthetic biology.

We will welcome participants from all related research fields of the interdisciplinary origin-of-life community.

The meeting will be held in the city center of Groningen (Netherlands). The conference is planned as an in-person meeting from 2–4 November 2022 (natural disasters permitting!).